The Mandurah Duel - 20 January 2019

Ocean Ski, Outrigger, SUP.
A 12.5km downwind paddling duel between ocean skis, SUPs and outriggers.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Welcome to the Mandurah Duel, an exciting race concept pitting downwind ocean paddling against flat water racing, starting at the same time from the same location but heading in two different directions on two courses of the same length and both finishing in the same location.

This race can only be held in one location, Mandurah, where paddlers are spoilt with fantastic paddling choices. The ocean downwind course for the race is a true downwind course with the prevailing SW Fremantle Doctor blowing parallel to the coast. The estuary course crosses the protected waters of the Harvey Estuary before heading up the estuary through the centre of Mandurah and finishing at The Boardwalk. Check out the Course Maps for details.

Ocean vs Estuary.... who will win?

The Mandurah Duel is the final race in The Doctor Festival of Paddle Sports.

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Here is a quick video shot on the ocean course off Mandurah. It shows the typical conditions that can be expected for the Duel.

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