The Mandurah Duel - 20 January 2019

Ocean Ski, Outrigger, SUP.
A 12.5km downwind paddling duel between ocean skis, SUPs and outriggers.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Event Postponed

Sorry folks, the Dept. of Transport has contacted me and let me know that they are advising all aquatic events in the South West including Perth be cancelled for the weekend due to the significant weather event (ie. cyclone) that will effect the region from tomorrow afternoon. SLSWA and FESA have also issued the same warning.

Now the good news, Dept. of Transport has also said they will allow our event to be postponed until next weekend, so we are still on, The Duel will happen!

Stay tuned for further updates.




  1. How sad, a lot of work has gone into this one.

    I hope everyone stays motivated for next weekend and that it does not mess people around too much. Here's hoping we get some more seasonal downwind conditions!

    As for unofficial downwind this weekend ...

  2. Political correctness goes mad! Weather forecasting is predicting cyclone Bianca to hit the South West coastline tomorrow morning. The inaugural Mandurah Duel will be well and truly history by then. Has the Department of Transport ever heard the saying “the calm before the storm?” As I gaze out of my bedroom window what do I see? The Peel Inlet. Or rather a mill pond. Rippling ever so subtly as the pelicans come in to land. What a shame! I know the organisers wanted typically strong SW winds for a fast action packed race however the irony is that would actually be more dangerous than the weather conditions today. Had the event been held this afternoon as originally planned it would have been a true battle of endurance and attrition!