The Mandurah Duel - 20 January 2019

Ocean Ski, Outrigger, SUP.
A 12.5km downwind paddling duel between ocean skis, SUPs and outriggers.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Duel Is On!!!!

We are determined to put this race on for you, our club and sponsors have put a lot of work into this so we are going to make it happen.

So on Sunday the 20th March The Duel will take place! 

No matter which way the wind is coming from on the day or what strength this race will happen! We have alternate courses for every contingency. We also have so many prizes now and we will be giving them away! Check them out on the website -

We also have these really cool hat's to give everyone that registered as well.

So there will be a race in one form or another on the 20th March.

We have also change the location of the Registration and Briefing. They will now be held at the finish line in the park next door to The Dome at the same time as previously stated. See the website for details.

We looked a lot of other worst case scenarios and came up with the following solutions:

Tidal wave: We will hold a surfing contest.
Flood: Paddle anywhere you want to, first to the finish wins.
Bush Fire: Who gives a damn we're on the water.
Solar Eclipse: Wear head lamps and glow sticks
Locust plague: Skis aren't edible.
General acts of God - Only atheists can race (conversions done on the day)
Another Cyclone or Twister - we take everyone and the prize money to the pub and random draw all the prizes.
No wind - Don't make me laugh!

Thanks for your support and patience.

The MOC Team

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  1. He-he-he .. good on you Guys - that's the spirit that made this country great!