The Mandurah Duel - 20 January 2019

Ocean Ski, Outrigger, SUP.
A 12.5km downwind paddling duel between ocean skis, SUPs and outriggers.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Event Cancelled Due to Strong Wind Warning

We just can win with this stupid weather!!!

A Strong Wind Warning has been issued by BOM for the weekend and not just any Strong Wind Warning, a SE Strong Wind Warning, which means not only would the conditions in the ocean be unfavourable and unsafe the estuary would also be too dangerous to paddle on as well. The strong SE winds will be blowing across widest part of the estuary creating 3-4 foot waves that would be hitting paddlers side on.

Any hope of a downwind paddle on the Ocean Course is also gone with a SE wind blowing side on and offshore.

If we run the Ocean Course we would be asking paddlers and support boat drivers to go to sea in a Strong Wind Warning.

As race organisers we are responsible for the safety of everyone on the water including those on safety and support boats and sending anyone out onto the ocean when an official warning has been issued is irresponsible and dangerous.

This decision hasn’t been made lightly and was made in conjunction with the race administrators, Dept of Transport and the Water Rescue Service.

We had planed to give all you ocean paddlers a fantastic downwind race and the estuary paddlers a safe and enjoyable race, both of which we can no longer do. We will put this race on for you one day.

So we're really sorry but the Mandurah Duel has been cancelled until further notice.

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